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we do

we do

Editora MOL specializes in social-editorial projects.
Something that no one else in the world does, for one simple reason:
we invented this business model!

A social-editorial project
is a publication with
positive and
accessible content, done in
partnership with a brand,
with the earnings paid to
a cause.

Who does

In a social-editorial project,
each partner does what they do best –
and everyone wins

MOL Publishing house develops the project and business model, produces the publication and manages the operation.
The retailer distributes, promotes and sells the product, using their store chain and its calling to influence people.
The reader makes microdonations to a cause they believe in and in exchange takes home quality content at an affordable price.
The benefitted institution uses its credibility to promote the project, receives, uses the donations and accounts for expenditures.
How are
social-editorial projects
We develop a customized publication fit to our partner’s world.

Ok, it's good to know right off the bat: we have never been to the first meeting with a finished project- before, we have to get to know each other better.

To define exactly what the product will be – if it’s a book or a magazine, content, cover price, print run, cause, business model – first we need operating data from the potential partner.

An in-depth study of said information will establish the opportunities we have and guide the project development. For retailers, we take the target audience into account, as well as purchasing experience, physical space, store dynamics and even employee career plans and the inventory replenishment system.

There are dozens of questions, numbers and business analyses, based on MOL's expertise, to define the best project for each partner – from the standpoint of content as well as of the business model.

We've come up with a more secure and agile formula to make production feasible and maximize donations.

We created three business models: sponsored, self-supported and mixed. (Currently, most of our projects are self-supported.)

Sponsored: production cost is 100% covered by the sponsorship. As consideration, sponsors advertise in the publication or receive an exclusive print run. Up to 100% of the cover amount could be donated.

Self-supported: when there is no sponsorship, the cost is paid in advance - by MOL Publishing House, by retailer or by benefited institution. Then, this amount is discounted from sales and the rest is donated.

Mixed: part of the cost is covered by a sponsorship and the other is paid in advance. Sales cover advance and the rest is donated.

In this stage, we also define risk management.
Meaning: in case sales don’t achieve the break- even point to recover investment, who is liable for the loss? It could be MOL Publishing House, the retailer or the benefited institution - and the risk could also be shared by two or more partners.

We define the best collection method and choose the benefitted intitutions.

We have created two donation models: fixed and variable. Each of them can be combined with the three business models shown in the previous item.

Fixed: establishes an amount or percentage of the cover price to be donated to the cause. For example: R$ 1 is donated for each unit sold.

Variable: donation will only be accounted for after sales cover the production cost. Meaning: the product has a break-even point, which must be achieved so the project may create the donation.

The NGOs are chosen together with the partner company. It is important that entities resonate with the values, operation and target audience of retailer or sponsor. Additionally, institutions are audited, ensuring transparency and credibility.

We plan unbeatable ways to engage the team and take the product to readers.

We are specialists in developing the ideal plan for the product to efficiently reach the end consumer. At this stage, some of the tasks we carry out are:

  • Raising funds and finding strategic partners;
  • Contracts and legal matters;
  • Defining a tax model;
  • Developing POS materials;
  • Logistics strategy, inventory, handling and distribution;
  • Endomarketing campaign and training for internal engagement;
  • Goals, campaigns and awards;
  • Operations management in retail;
  • Ongoing sales monitoring through BI and CRM;
  • Planning launching initiatives;
  • Operation management in retail; sales and projection on other platforms, such as social media, e-commerce and subscription channel;
  • Press relations, PR, Customer Service and initiatives with opinion leaders

We produce, launch and monitor sales to achieve the best possible performance.

With all details defined our pressroom is then engaged for production. we research inspiring and relevant stories and pursue the nicest and most affordable way to present them on pages. Additionally, we maintain a relationship with our readers in all available channels.

When the launch takes place, we move on to the stage of monitoring sales in retail. our operations team monitors the performance of stores and provides support to sales teams, controls inventory and uses many projection tools and motivational actions to promote incredible results.

At the end of the sales period, we settle matters with retail, pay taxes, subtract any potential costs owed and make proportional donations - all audited by an external and independent company. rendering of accounts is published in details in the following edition of the actual product and/ or in the official MoL Publishing house channels.

FAQ: "I don't mean to pry,
but how does Editora MOL
make money?"

By making social-editorial products. Part of the earnings from every MOL product goes to a cause. And every MOL product naturally has a production cost, which covers the project's expenses - such as a team, printing of copies and distribution - and a profit margin is also included in this, equal to 15% of the total cost on average.

We are a traditional company, we are not an NGO: we are a social business. Meaning, a company with the purpose of causing a positive impact on society, ethically and sustainably.

This is why we only publish products with positive content, at affordable prices and always with part of the proceeds going to great causes.

At the same time, we take on all of the charges, responsibilities and rights of any company. So making a profit is just one of our purposes. This financial return allows us to securely do business, reward our team and grow with quality, without weighing on our greater objective: generating donations. From 2007 to 2016, we donated an average of R$ 5 to our causes for each R$ 1 of operating profit we made.

So essentially, it is the sale of publications that sustains the publishing house – in addition to generating millions of reals in donations each year. We have different business models, only a small fraction of which involves some kind of sponsorship. In most cases, we do not receive any financial support, exemption, publicity or sponsorship, whether public or private. We mostly rely on the (huge) sales volume to make our business feasible, which we are able to do with excellent products, powerful partnerships and engaged readers.


We bet on four major drivers that we consider essential to make life happier. They are what guide the actions of the social institutions we work with and inspire content of our publications.

Education & citizenship

Education & citizenship

Democratizing access to knowledge, developing individual potential and fostering collective construction of a better society. Offering quality formal and non-formal education, mainly to the most vulnerable populations as a social improvement tool, strengthening self-esteem and empowerment for the pursuit of happiness.Amigos do BemBrazilFoundationCasa do ZezinhoCriança EsperançaFundação Gol de LetraGastromotivaGerando FalcõesInstituto Ayrton SennaInstituto El ElyonNossasObra do BerçoParceiros da EducaçãoRede Mulher EmpreendedoraTodos pela EducaçãoUnibes
Health & well-being

Health & well-being

Promoting access to prevention and treatment of diseases and other health problems, particularly offering care to those who need it the most. Encouraging medical development. Encouraging sports and the adoption of habits that are good for body and soul. Ensuring dignity and quality of life to populations of all ages.AACDAbraço a MicrocefaliaAbrigo dos Idosos São Vicente de PauloApae Belo HorizonteAsilo de VitóriaAssociação Peter PanAssociação Renal VidaAssociação Saúde CriançaCasa do AmorCasa do Menino Jesus de PragaCasa do VovôCasa Para Velhice Luiza de MarillacComunitasCrenExpedicionários da SaúdeFundação Abrigo do Bom JesusFundação Cristiano VarellaFundação Dorina Nowill para CegosGRAACCInstituto do Câncer Infantil do AgresteInstituto Horas da VidaInstituto Juvino BarretoInstituto Mara GabrilliLar Acolhida São Vicente de Paulo Lar do Irmão VelhoLar dos Velhinhos de CampinasLar dos Velhinhos Maria MadalenaMake-A-Wish Brasil Pequeno Cotolengo ParanaensePrograma AppamProjeto Saúde & AlegriaSAMESIRPHASorri-BauruTurma do BemVila Vicentina Júlia Freire
Sustainable life

Sustainable life

Creating more awareness, efficient, balanced and respectful relationship with the environment, in the most varied aspects of the day-to-day, such as consumption, food, waste generation, transportation and leisure. contribute to build a more fair economy. Protecting animals from abuse and abandonment, offering them quality of life and love.Banco de AlimentosCiclocidadeGarupaICEITransporte AtivoVá de Bike
Animal Protection

Animal Protection

Rescuing and protecting animals that have been abandoned and poorly treated. Offering shelter, veterinary care, neutering, vaccines, quality of life and love. Promoting adoption events, taking dogs and cats to responsible owners in healthy homes, reintroducing them into society. Adote PetzAdote um GatinhoAmaloAmor de Bicho Associação Paulista de Auxílio aos AnimaisEstimação - Sociedade de Proteção aos AnimaisFaunaFocinhos de LuzInstituto Amor em PatasInstituto Eu Sou o BichoLatiCãoLoucos por BichosProjeto CELTudo por Eles
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