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We have created a new type of product – as well as a new way to work with companies. Forget about customer and supplier. Here, we speak as equals to create win-win projects, where each party does what they know best, with autonomy, empathy, collaboration and transparency. The results? Amazing. See the brands that we are proud to have as partners:


Our co-executors who sell exclusive products without a profit margin. Thus, we can go far, noteworthy mention to low price and large print runs, resulting in fantastic donations. Each project is unique, however the basic concept is that the network only mobilizes the resources it already has - such as the logistics infrastructure and points of sale - in exchange for major impact social initiatives. (Yes, that’s right, without direct investment! ;)


How brands outside of the retail world support our projects: with direct investment to make social-editorial products feasable. These are books whose content follows our principles and sales are done using traditional channels, with part of the earnings also going to causes. As a consideration, the brand receives exclusive customized print runs, free distribution of books, educational events and lots of digital content to spread the cause & inspiration.

  • ItaúItaú

    Brazil's largest private bank and one of the largest companies in the world, according to the Forbes ranking.

    ProjectsAlmanacicleta, Eu Amo Bike, Eu Sou a MudançaCausesSustainable life

    LATAM Airlines, previously TAM Linhas Aéreas, is the largest airline in Latin America.

    ProjectsEu Amo ViajarCausesSustainable life
  • AdidasAdidas

    The world's second largest sporting goods brand, Adidas sells footwear, apparel and accessories.

    ProjectsEu Amo CorrerCausesHealth & well-being
  • TicketTicket

    Ticket came to Brazil in 1976 and was a pioneer in the grocery and meal benefits sector.

    ProjectsEu Amo ComidaCausesEducation & citizenship, Sustainable life
  • SadiaSadia

    Established 73 years ago, present in 150,000 POSs, offering over 300 types of products.

    ProjectsMundo dos Assados de Festa, Mundo dos SuínosCausesSustainable life
  • CatarseCatarse

    Pioneer crowdfunding platform in Brazil. Made the production of the book Livres e Iguais! (Free and Equal!) possible.

    ProjectsLivres e Iguais!CausesEducation & citizenship
  • LibbsLibbs

    Libbs is a Brazilian pharmaceutical company established in 1958 offering more than 90 brands in its portfolio. 

    ProjectsA Idade da Liberdade, A Incrível Jornada, Manual da Filha Adolescente, Meu Querido CorpoCausesEducation & citizenship, Health & well-being
  • Gomes da CostaGomes da Costa

    Created in 1954, Gomes da Costa is the leader in the segment of canned fish, such as sardines and tuna.

    ProjectsGuerreiras InvisíveisCausesEducation & citizenship
  • Hypera PharmaHypera Pharma

    It is the largest pharmaceutical company in Brazil, present in all relevant segments of the industry.

    ProjectsBom é Estar JuntoCausesHealth & well-being
  • Comerc EnergiaComerc Energia

    Established in 2001, it is the free energy market leader in the country, with more than 2,400 consumption units in its portfolio. 

    ProjectsPura EnergiaCausesSustainable life
  • LeiturinhaLeiturinha

    The biggest kids book club subscription in Brazil. More than 170,000 families receive the box every month.

    ProjectsComer & Brincar - Leiturinha, Corações Unidos, Nossos Bichos, Um Ano de Emoções, Um Começo Feliz!CausesEducation & citizenship, Sustainable life

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