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Inspirational real-life stories. Do-it-yourself for a more enjoyable and purposeful life. Design to dazzle the eyes. Very affordable prices. A donation with each product. Open accountability, always. These are our projects, the reason why we work so hard – and for so much more pride. Learn about each of them:
R$ 28,713,171.52
donated since 2008
52NGOs and causes supported 12book titles published 9magazine titles created 122magazine editions produced

Sorria is the Editora MOL's oldest and most successful project. The donations from this magazine have already helped to build a children's cancer hospital and improve public education in Brazil. Financed solely by readers, it brings inspiration and happiness to more than 1.2 million people each year.

Total amount donated:
R$ 21,991,144.27
Droga Raia

Doing projects about the world of animals, benefitting NGOs in this area, was a long-held wish. We used the charisma and wisdom of animals to fulfill this dream. These projects align with one of the goals of retailers, which is to contribute to the welfare of abandoned animals.

Total amount donated:
R$ 587,397.52

Launched in 2015, this became Editora MOL's second largest project, with a total of over R$ 3 million in donations. In addition to benefitting “Obra do Berço” and “Turma do Bem” projects, the proceeds from TODOS help to maintain 13 organizations that house low-income senior citizens in the 13 states where the magazine is sold. So, readers have the chance to benefit social projects that have a direct impact on their communities.

Total amount donated:
R$ 4,706,772.46
Você é IncrívelLivroVocê é Incrível

The first Editora MOL project on female empowerment. You Are Amazing features 30 postcards illustrated with inspirational messages from women to women. The proceeds from the sale of the book will be used by Rede Mulher Empreendedora to accelerate the businesses of five Brazilian women, who will be chosen through a contest.

Total amount donated:
R$ 55,991.34

OLHARES was the first MOL project whose retail partner is a franchise instead of a chain of brand-owned stores. In practice, this meant undertaking roles that had been centralized at a company headquarters in other projects. The experience has been promising and has greatly expanded the possibilities for applying our business model.

Total amount donated:
R$ 216,187.58
Óticas Carol
101 Coisas Para Fazer Com As Crianças Antes Que Elas CresçamLivro101 Coisas Para Fazer Com As Crianças Antes Que Elas Cresçam

This was the first Editora MOL book sold by a retail partner, bringing together the world of kids with education - a cause benefitting from this publication. The project was created for mothers, fathers, grandparents, aunts and uncles and teachers who are visiting the toy store and it contains simple and creative ideas for getting the most out of time with kids.

Total amount donated:
R$ 218,398.33
Eu Amo BikeColeçãoEu Amo Bike

The first book published by Editora MOL, Eu Amo Bike (I love biking) features stories and pictures from 50 Brazilians for whom biking is a source of joy. In 2015, two new publications on this same topic were started based on the book: Almanabike, an almanac geared towards kids, and I Am the Change, containing 100 projects that use bikes to transform Brazil. The collection is sponsored by Itaú, where mobility is a cause.

Total amount donated:
R$ 13,063.71
Turminha Sem IgualColeçãoTurminha Sem Igual

This lighthearted and fun collection solves a not-so-trivial problem: translating the cause of people with disabilities – the core of the NGO benefitted, AACD – for children, the retail partner's public. Turminha Sem Igual is made up of six Brazilian animals with disabilities, who will teach kids fun and citizenship.

Total amount donated:
R$ 194,723.34
Ri Happy
O Que Tem Pra Jantar?ColeçãoO Que Tem Pra Jantar?

Editora MOL's main project in the food area. It is worth of notice for having content integrated with the retail partner's business, since all of the ingredients in the magazine's recipes are sold by the grocery store chain, as well as for the variety of special publications launched. It moreover proves that even small retailers can have successful social publishing projects.

Total amount donated:
R$ 102,436.48
St Marche, Sadia
Eu Amo ComidaLivroEu Amo Comida

The Eu Amo Comida (I love food) book is the youngest sibling in the Eu amo collection and was the first Editora MOL project done through the Culture Incentive Act. This publication benefits two institutions that use food to change the world, a social cause aligned with the guidelines of the sponsor, who is committed to healthy eating and sustainable practices.

Total amount donated:
R$ 3,308.27
Eu Amo ViajarLivroEu Amo Viajar

The content of the book is highly integrated with the sponsor - an airline - featuring 50 stories of Brazilians who love to explore new destinations and inspiring readers to pack their bags and embark on a dream. In addition, Eu Amo Viajar helps two projects working with development of sustainable tourism in Brazil.

Total amount donated:
R$ 11,058.33
Eu Amo CorrerLivroEu Amo Correr

The third volume in the Eu amo collection, the book contains stories from 50 Brazilians who are passionate about running. It serves to inspire anyone considering taking up the sport as well as experienced runners. Eu Amo Correr (I love running) also contributes to promoting this sport in Brazil.

Total amount donated:
R$ 4,352.79
Por ExemploRevistaPor Exemplo

Although it only lasted two years, Por Exemplo had a huge impact: it donated over half a million Brazilian reals. Inside, it contained a kid's publication, our first production for this public. The project, which ended in 2012, was a wealth of lessons learned.

Total amount donated:
R$ 577,874.18
Eu Que Fiz!RevistaEu Que Fiz!

Sold at a chain of stores selling construction materials and décor, Eu que fiz! (I did it myself!) is a magazine filled with projects for the home in a do-it-yourself style. Perfectly matching content and retail, the publication donated over R$ 30,000 in two editions.

Total amount donated:
R$ 30,462.92